A Society’s Guide to Gaslighting

Prove A world was stolen Ancestors Documents Or one scrap of belonging Or one connection to diaspora Or Breathe Prove That history is not written by the creators But victors greedy to remind Worthiness In this expanding universe Is based on how well you Prove It can’t fall apart When white guilt is white shame Is White voices Taking from Hungry mouths Desperate to Prove You are a Potential candidate Prove You are Willing to “give back” To the system that murdered and oppressed No Conveniently forgets No Systematically possessed The sold and obsessed to Prove It happened The way we say it happened Because we saw it with our own eyes But Prove You deserve to know why Prove The history you know Isn’t tinged in blood Of those who used it to To write To Prove Your capital Prove Your ancestors Prove Oh wait, would you like human rights with that? Great, that’ll be… Prove They toiled their wisdom They broke their backs They were Black Fuck Prove They were there Prove Forget I said that Prove They didn’t exist Prove We stole a world from you Prove You are worthy Prove Home exists Prove I forget mama […]
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Them & US

We live in two different realities They are able to say what they think. To make mind into matter. To count livestock as they pass their field of vision. They possess the power to transform free pasture to industrialized slaughterhouses And deny a world beyond its walls. Left felt to be obligated in labor. To meld order from chaos. To restore. To heal. I return complexity to the world. I am the one that bathes in thought Beyond physical matter That has orgasmed with abstraction and dances in the void. Fear me as your children have or be consumed by your reality.
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