Them & US

We live in two different realities They are able to say what they think. To make mind into matter. To count livestock as they pass their field of vision. They possess the power to transform free pasture to industrialized slaughterhouses And deny a world beyond its walls. Left felt to be obligated in labor. To meld order from chaos. To restore. To heal. I return complexity to the world. I am the one that bathes in thought Beyond physical matter That has orgasmed with abstraction and dances in the void. Fear me as your children have or be consumed by your reality.
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If My Mother Birthed Your Fantasies

If My Mother Birthed Your Fantasies She would weep. Wail out the tears of generations to be destroyed by your stubbornness. Your absolute stupid thing, you know, that thing you do that really pisses me off. God damnit that thing!
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